Actor Needs believes in fair, affordable pricing for audition tapings. We offer three convenient taping levels for you to choose from, depending on your needs.

  • 20 Minute Tapings – $20: Good for 1 audition of up to 3 pages.
  • 40 Minute Tapings – $35: Good for 1-2 auditions of 6 pages total
  • 60 Minute Tapings – $50: Good for 3 or more auditions of 7+ page

We know that it can be hard to determine how much time you need and we don’t want you to rush or to be watching the clock. That’s why we only charge you for the time you use. This means if you book a 40 minute taping and only use 20 minutes, we charge you for a 20 minute taping. On the flip side, if you need a little extra time from what you booked and it’s available, we only charge $1 per minute beyond what was scheduled.